Diet vs _____

We have all felt at some point that our eating routine is more like a challenge than a simple facet of our lives.  We have fought it, we have “dieted”, and we have struggled! O! The struggle! 
What if: we made peace with it like we do the knowledge that exercise is a daily thing, that computers are here to stay, and that most toothpastes have sugar (true dat).  

Moving forward, just know that your food is simply a vehicle to life. NO! That isn’t sad and no, people who think like this aren’t missing out. We are healthier for this attitude because we aren’t (ab)using food in a way that it’s not intended.  

  • Humans eat food to live..not live to have foods. 
  • Food is NOT a reward for anything.  
  • Food simply is nourishment. All of the items that aren’t nourishment are treats and should be treated as such. 

Once you figure out how to make this work for you, it won’t be “Diet vs _____” anymore. 

And just in time for the holidays!