About the Studio


Welcome to Harmony Studios

Nestled in the heart of West Hollywood, Harmony Studios is a full-service, private instruction facility specializing in personalized Pilates regimens. Using methods evolved from the work of Joseph Pilates, the studio developed their own philosophy by blending the mind-body connection with old-fashioned get-in-shape, stay-in-shape sensibility.​

A Pilates-evolved movement center capable of addressing each individual body as a unique instrument. Harmony Studios offers you the opportunity of a well balanced, safe, efficient and aesthetically beautiful workout. Uniquely versatile, our approach can be adapted to the needs of a wide range of people, from those with limited mobility in rehabilitation to the elite athlete.

A team of talented and highly qualified instructors teaches our conditioning program. Inspired by the teachings of Joseph H. Pilates and supplemented by years of practicing yoga, dance, athletics and weight training, we concentrate on building core strength and improving overall fitness. Enjoy your workouts!

Karen Schwalbe Jones
Owner, Harmony Studios

Meet Karen Schwalbe Jones

Whilst earning a reputation for results that have helped to establish her, Karen Schwalbe Jones, the owner of Harmony Studios has built Harmony from the ground up. She and her staff of highly educated teachers have become recognized as go-to gurus ​within L.A.’s celebrity and professional athlete circles – and all those seeking slim and supremely strong figures with overall improvement to their health and quality of life.

With UCLA degrees in the Sciences of Kinesiology and Psychology and​ over 19 years of weight training and rehabilitation experience, Karen is able to provide friends and clients with well-rounded physical, mental and emotional health.

“Pilates is the most complete approach that encourages people to connect their minds with their bodies. All of what we do as human beings begins with the neurological and appears in the physical. Therefore, how well we condition our brains to create physical responses is how strong we can become.” -Karen Schwalbe Jones, Owner of Harmony Studios

As a Pilates practitioner, Karen has enjoyed fine tuning her education with special populations such as pre- and post-natal, geriatrics, MS and stroke clients.​ Teaching Pilates for over 16 years, she has taken many women to term practicing Pilates. ​​​​

Karen exercised literally the same day she gave birth to her now 10 and 7 year old children! ​She believes Pilates feels the most organic, ​​especially to the pregnant body; as the hormone Relaxin surges thru the pregnant body, Pilates teaches it control, balance and coordination -helping with its postural muscles for the always-evolving pregnancy.​

A Hands On Approach

An owner with a very involved and hands-on approach, Karen has hand-picked each trainer on her team and personally sees to it that each new client receives the best possible assessment to ensure they are paired with their ideal trainer. Each client ​receives a workout plan that caters to their needs.​ All of this and more is offered at Harmony Studios within a spacious, zen-chic, eco-friendly, ​tranquil environment surrounded by treetop balconies and sun-dappled gardens.

Harmony’s one-on-one instruction uses only state of the art Pilates equipment (including new Towers!). It also houses a complete TRX Suspension Training setup, Gyrotonic Expansion System™, and Power Plate Acceleration Stations – the only studio in North America with 3 Pro7 Plates! and a variety of cardiovascular machines and weights for clients.